Gedichten en quotes voor uw gestorven paard

Gedichten bieden troost. Quotes inspireren. Ze brengen onder woorden wat haast onbenoembaar lijkt.
Horsia verzamelde de mooiste quotes en gedichten voor u.


is het geluid van


in de hemel

Horses fly without wings and conquer without swords

A horse is your best friend

You can tell them anything

And no one else will ever know

If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life.

I am his eyes

He is my wings

I am his voice

He is my spirit

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle

God made a horse

from the breath of wind

the beauty of earth

and the soul of an angel

Horses leave hoofprints on our hearts

Some horses will test you.

Some will teach you.

And some will bring out the best in you.

Horses are the window to our soul

What horses can teach us

is only limited by our ability to understand.

What they are willing to give us

is only limited by our ability to receive.

Every horse deserves to be loved by a little girl at least once in their life.